About Dustin

I don't make wedding videos. I make wedding films. What's the difference? The difference is cinema...

I fuse together my background as a Hollywood film director and cinematographer with your perfect wedding. The result is a high-end cinematic experience of your wedding day.

Imagine your favorite movie. Imagine your favorite actor. What if you were that actor? What if your wedding was that movie? That's what I do. That's why I'm here. I make your wedding look like the next Hollywood blockbuster.

I guarantee that no other wedding videographer offers what I offer, a true and immersive cinematic experience. My team and I utilize the latest and best cinema cameras to capture every moment of your "big day." We never use "video" cameras because video is cheap — the quality just isn't there.

If you want something truly unique, then we're your team. The equipment we use to craft your wedding film is used on major Hollywood film sets around the world. How about your wedding?